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Snakes in the city.

Gorgeous boy George has a very big scare when he was confronted by a brown snake is his own backyard. We don’t normally think of venomous snakes as being a threat to our pets when we live in the city, but it’s important to keep an eye on your pet is they are out in the yard, and to check for any creepy crawlies that might be hiding out of site.

If your pet is bitten, it is vital to seek veterinary advice straight away. In the case of insect bites, an antihistamine may need to be given with additional medications and close monitoring and for venomous snake bites, antivenin is required immediately along with supportive care in hospital.

After a few nights at the emergency centre, George is now recovering at home. Hopefully he doesn’t try to make any more reptile friends in the future.

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Red Hill Vet Clinic | Veterinary Clinic Pets Enjoy Visiting